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Employment law may include protection against workplace discrimination. Law

What Is Employment Legislation?

Employment legislation is laws regulating the relationships between employees and employers. It covers things like unfair...

Felicia Dye
Laws that have been created through legislation must conform to guidelines set by constitutions. Law

What Are Sources of Law?

Sources of law are the authorities by which law is made, like government regulation or court decisions. Knowing the sources of...

Jessica Ellis

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A photo disclaimer may serve to separate the subjects of a photo from those who own the photograph. Law

What Is a Photo Disclaimer?

A photo disclaimer is a statement indicating the terms of use for a photograph. There are a few common types of disclaimers for...

G. Wiesen
There are penalties for failing to fulfill obligations in a binding contract. Law

What is a Binding Contract?

A binding contract is a written agreement between two people or entities that will be enforced by law. Once a binding contract is...

Alexis W.
Visual evidence shown during a trial may include photos taken of a crime scene. Law

What is Visual Evidence?

Visual evidence is legal evidence that people can see, like photographs, drawings, videos, and computer models. The pros and cons...

Mary McMahon
Tangible property includes jewelry. Law

What is Tangible Property?

Tangible property is touchable property that occupies a physical space. There are many different categories of tangible property...

Mary McMahon

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A life tenant has the right to sell or use a piece of land. Law

What is a Life Tenant?

A life tenant is a person who has the legal right to a piece of land for the duration of his or her life. During the tenancy, the...

Alexis W.
Communication and collaboration are proven to reduce conflict in the workplace. Law

What is Conflict Management?

Conflict management is the use of techniques to prevent conflict and resolve it when it occurs. The main techniques used in...

Mary McMahon
Referendums allow the public to vote directly on an issue. Law

What is a Referendum?

A referendum is a measure that's voted on directly by an electorate instead of elected representatives. Referendums are usually...

L. Burgoon

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