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ADHD diagnoses have risen in recent years due to better understanding and awareness of the condition. With the growth of digital platforms, online services now offer medical advice and treatment options to help patients manage their ADHD virtually. Among these, stands out as a dedicated telehealth platform for ADHD treatment.

What Is

What Is is a telehealth platform focused on ADHD treatment, but it can also assist patients with anxiety, depression, PTSD, or related mental health conditions. Available in 35 states, it works with licensed medical providers to deliver quality care. 

After patients take a brief online ADHD diagnosis assessment with, they can schedule an appointment to see if they have ADHD. If diagnosed, the licensed clinician will create an individualized treatment plan based on the type of diagnosis as well as the patient's health and feedback. 

Key Features

Key Features
  • Availability: is open seven days a week, providing consistent access to services.
  • Personalized Care: tailors every treatment plan, acknowledging each patient's distinct needs.
  • Holistic Mindset: provides medication management, therapy, and success coaching, offering a balanced and all-encompassing approach to ADHD treatment. 
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction: backs its quality of care with a full refund policy.
  • Broad Spectrum of Care: Besides ADHD, also offers services for anxiety, depression, and PTSD.

Is Legit?

With the proliferation of online health platforms, it's crucial to discern which ones are trustworthy. Let's delve into the legitimacy of

Compliance with Federal Telemedicine Regulations 

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) allowed medical practitioners and telemedicine services to prescribe controlled substances (like Adderall) virtually during COVID-19. 

However, this permission changes as of November 11, 2023. After this point, any newly diagnosed ADHD patient seeking a controlled substance must undergo a rigorous in-person evaluation and agree to meet for follow-up visits, which may occur monthly. is already compliant with these regulations since they don't prescribe controlled substances. In addition, all of its medical staff holds the proper credentials to prescribe non-stimulant medications virtually, so the prescriptions are legitimate and recognized by local pharmacies. 

It's critical to be wary of telemedicine services that claim to offer stimulant prescriptions for ADHD, as many states have begun to reject pharmacy orders from such online ADHD services. Moreover, patients will eventually need to find a new solution once the COVID-19 public health emergency expires, leaving services like as their only option to find convenient care (unless they see someone in person). 

Legitimacy and Credentials

At its core, is a legitimate service that collaborates with fully licensed clinicians and therapists. These professionals include doctors of medicine (MD), psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioners (PMHNP), doctors of osteopathic medicine (DO), and licensed mental health counselors (LMHC). 


Additionally, only connects patients with medical professionals licensed to practice in their state. Their operations fully comply with federal and local regulations, ensuring patients receive top-tier care.

Furthermore, the platform is fully HIPAA compliant, which means patient confidentiality is always a top priority. Unless patients explicitly allow others to access their medical records, their care team will never share them.

Patient Satisfaction and Feedback

Boasting a high satisfaction rate according to the company’s website, over 98% of users have reported positive outcomes after using their services. This impressive statistic is further bolstered by the fact that over 100,000 individuals have taken their initial assessment. The platform also has a plethora of positive testimonials from verified users, attesting to its efficacy and commitment to patient care.

How Does Work? offers a clear and straightforward approach to ADHD diagnosis and treatment. Here's how: 

Initial Assessment

Initial Assessment

Patients start with an online ADHD test for adults based on official ADHD rating scales like the Adult ADHD Self-Report Scale V1.1. This quick, five-minute assessment focuses on ADHD symptoms, giving the platform an initial insight into the patient's situation.

Scheduling a Diagnosis Appointment

After the assessment, patients can book a diagnosis appointment. A $20 deposit is needed to confirm the appointment. provides flexible scheduling and requires patients to submit their intake forms beforehand for a seamless consultation.

Meeting with a Mental Health Clinician

Patients can expect to meet with their licensed clinician for around thirty minutes on Zoom. The diagnosis appointment covers various aspects of the patient's life, from their childhood to current behavior and symptoms, gaining a thorough insight into their situation. 

Treatment Plans Offered by

Treatment Plans Offered by

Managing ADHD involves different strategies. provides various treatment plans to cater to patients' varied needs.

Medicine Management

As a telehealth platform, doesn't prescribe controlled substances. Instead, it offers non-stimulant medications like Atomoxetine or Clonidine. Regular check-ins with providers are facilitated to monitor treatment and make necessary adjustments.

Success Coaching Sessions

In addition to medication, offers success coaching sessions. Led by trained mental health coaches, these sessions aim to help patients establish and sustain healthy habits, enabling them to manage their ADHD effectively. 

Compared to therapy, success coaching focuses on concrete goals or skill development, such as learning to budget, developing a daily schedule, or improving sleep routines. In all cases, success coaches work with patients to improve their unique circumstances, so the focus of the treatment varies based on their desired outcome. 

Therapy Appointments

Individuals with ADHD or inattentive/hyperactive behaviors can benefit significantly from therapy, especially if they've lived with untreated ADHD. Therapy focuses on rebuilding the damages caused by the condition, whether self-esteem, future outlook, or something else. 

This method helps patients realize how they can overcome ADHD and develop sustainable coping strategies. Depending on their diagnosis, they can meet monthly, weekly, or at whatever frequency their clinician recommends.

Comparing with Competitors

In the rapidly evolving world of telehealth, numerous platforms offer ADHD diagnosis and treatment. However, stands out in several key areas. features unparalleled customer service, personalized care tailored to each patient's unique needs, and flexibility in scheduling and treatment options. While other platforms may offer similar services, the commitment to patient well-being and satisfaction sets apart.

User Testimonials and Feedback

User Testimonials and Feedback

The true testament to any service's efficacy lies in the feedback from its users. has consistently received positive reviews from its clientele. Users frequently highlight the platform's comprehensive diagnosis process and the personalized treatment plans that follow. 

The high satisfaction rates are evident, with many patients continuing to use the service and recommending it to others. These testimonials underscore the platform's dedication to its mission and its success in achieving it. After reviewing patient feedback, here are the three most common outcomes patients mention: 

  • Enhanced Productivity: Above all else, an overwhelming majority of patients feel more productive, including in their personal lives, work, or education. Whether caused by medication or their care team's guidance, most patients have seen improvement in their ability to stay motivated and productive. 
  • Improved Self-Esteem: Several patients who have lived with untreated ADHD feel significantly better about themselves after meeting with Most of these patients appreciated their therapist's or success coach's practical advice, allowing them to gradually improve their self-esteem and long-term outlook. 
  • Stronger Personal Relationships: has helped its patients repair damaged relationships and prioritize communication and transparency. They feel more confident about socializing and building stronger bonds with their loved ones, especially when explaining the challenges of their condition. 

Why Choose

Why Choose positions itself as the premier online solution for ADHD diagnosis and treatment. With endorsements from over 50,000 patients, its reputation is well-established. The platform collaborates with fully licensed medical providers, ensuring patients receive top-notch care. Moreover, with HIPAA compliance and a full refund policy for unsatisfied users, emphasizes its commitment to patient trust and satisfaction.

Several factors make the go-to platform for ADHD treatment:

  • An experienced team of mental health clinicians dedicated to patient well-being.
  • 98% satisfaction rate across 100,000+ assessments.
  • The convenience of same-day booking.
  • A commitment to patient confidentiality.
  • Personalized treatment plans.
  • Continued support post the initial appointment, ensuring patients are never left in the lurch.

Conclusion is not only a telehealth platform but also a trusted resource for those grappling with ADHD. With its patient-first approach, the platform ensures that everyone receives the care and support they deserve. 

By offering a holistic treatment approach, addresses both the symptoms and the underlying causes of ADHD. For anyone considering an online ADHD test, is a compelling choice. We recommend you try its service if you’re looking for legitimate, all-encompassing support for ADHD.

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