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What Are the Different Types of Immigration Software?

Immigration software streamlines complex processes, offering case management, compliance tracking, and form automation. From cloud-based solutions to integrated platforms, each type caters to specific needs. Curious about which software fits your unique immigration journey? Let's explore the options together.
Pablo Garcia
Pablo Garcia

Immigration software is packaged in two principal types: one is designed for law firms, businesses, and government agencies. It assists in the areas of legal case management and employer compliance with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) regulations. There is also software tailored for individuals to help them prepare and submit the appropriate forms to US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Compliance immigration software is used primarily by businesses that hire a significant number of alien employees into their workforce. The primary focus of this type of software is electronic verification and tracking of I-90 Forms required by the ICE. The forms are requests for permission to enter the US as a non-immigrant for purposes of employment.

Man holding computer
Man holding computer

Compliance software helps employers ensure that the forms are correct and accurate as required by law. It digitalizes existing paper forms and converts them to electronically stored e-files. Conversion services within the software can detect when an I-90 is due to be updated. Biometric scanners can also correct digitally converted paper forms in an updated format.

The ability to do remote hiring is another feature of compliance immigration software. Information can be shared and transferred between applicants, human resources departments, and notaries from one central location. The software can also create its own compliance records on hiring practices in the event of an ICE audit.

Immigration software designed for law firms focuses on case management, including tracking of deadlines, docketing of court cases, and client access to e-files. The software creates e-files that contain all of a client’s information and documents in one searchable location. It allows the client-applicant to review and update her own information.

Legal software for immigration cases can automatically update forms to follow changes in USCIS forms. It also provides access to the status of all legal documents and petitions in real time to both lawyers and clients. The software tracks deadlines and links them to the specific schedule of the attorney handling the immigration application or case. Forms are automatically updated to meet filing deadlines.

With regard to individuals, there is immigration software tailored to assist an applicant in filling out the appropriate forms required by the USCIS for a variety of purposes. Many of these software programs were originally designed to assist lawyers in organizing and managing immigration forms. The software generally comes with periodic updates to keep track of new ICE and USCIS forms. There are many types of forms available, such as visa applications, status updates, and petitions for permanent residency.

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    • Man holding computer
      Man holding computer