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What Is a Harassment Charge?

Lori Smith
Lori Smith

Understanding what qualifies as a harassment charge is crucial for both personal safety and legal awareness. Harassment encompasses behaviors such as intimidation, threats, stalking, and unwelcome communication that lead to a person feeling endangered or severely annoyed. 

The National Center for Victims of Crime reports that 1 in 6 women and 1 in 19 men in the United States have experienced stalking at some point in their lives, potentially qualifying for harassment charges. 

Teacher harassment towards a student may result in criminal charges.
Teacher harassment towards a student may result in criminal charges.

Privacy violations, including personal information theft and snooping, also fall under harassment. The legal repercussions vary: civil cases may result in restraining orders, while criminal cases can lead to misdemeanors or felonies, with penalties ranging from fines to imprisonment. 

The Bureau of Justice Statistics highlights that in 2019, about 14% of all violent victimizations reported to law enforcement involved an element of stalking or harassment. Understanding these parameters is essential for anyone seeking to identify and respond to harassment effectively.

What Is Harassment?

Unwanted, repeated phone calls can be considered a case for harassment charge.
Unwanted, repeated phone calls can be considered a case for harassment charge.

Many different behaviors can be considered harassment, but the victim's perception that he or she is being threatened is usually the most important factor. Repeated unwanted contact, including excessive phone calls, too-frequent e-mails, or showing up uninvited at another person’s house multiple times after being told to stop are all common forms of harassment. In other cases, a person directly threaten victims or spy on them.

It is important that a lawyer be contacted during a harassment charge.
It is important that a lawyer be contacted during a harassment charge.

Victims usually know the harasser, but not always. People from old romantic relationships or someone who's been rejected by the victim may become bitter and start to behave inappropriately. For example, in a divorce, one spouse may threaten the other, causing significant distress that results in a harassment charge. In other cases, the harasser might be someone with a personal grievance against the victim, like an angry co-worker or someone with a childhood grudge. Some people are delusional and believe that they can pressure their victims into accepting them on a personal level if they just keep pushing them.

Civil vs. Criminal Cases

A harassment charge may be civil or criminal, depending on the violation.
A harassment charge may be civil or criminal, depending on the violation.

Whether harassment is considered civil or criminal generally depends on the relationship between the harasser and the victim and the type of behavior involved. Though laws vary by jurisdiction, civil harassment is generally seen as being done by a person who the victim has not been in an intimate or romantic relationship with, like a neighbor, stranger, or family member that's not a parent, sibling, grandparent, or in-law. A criminal harassment charge is generally brought against people who a victim has been in a close relationship with, like a former spouse or romantic partner. Similar behavior from a close family member may be considered domestic violence rather than harassment.

The United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom have enacted cyberstalking laws.
The United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom have enacted cyberstalking laws.

The type of behavior is more important than the status of the relationship in some jurisdictions. For instance, a stalker would usually face criminal charges, regardless of his or her relationship with the victim. Sexual harassment can also be subject to special statutes in some places. It is actually a form of discrimination, which is a civil rather than criminal charge. Other forms of discriminatory behavior, such as bullying based on ethnic differences, sexual preferences, or religion is also typically seen as a civil crime.

Misdemeanor vs. Felony Cases

Repeatedly causing damage to a neighbor's property is considered a form of neighbor harassment.
Repeatedly causing damage to a neighbor's property is considered a form of neighbor harassment.

Laws vary by jurisdiction, but generally speaking, misdemeanor harassment charges are filed in less serious cases, or for first time offenders, while felony charges are brought against very serious, threatening, or repeated offenders. This is especially true for people who violate a no-contact order or have previous convictions. In some areas of the US, the type of person being harassed determines whether the charge is a felony or misdemeanor. For example, felony charges may be brought against someone who harasses a public official, but misdemeanor charges against someone who does the same thing to a private person.

Steps for Victims

Excessive phone calls are considered a form of harassment.
Excessive phone calls are considered a form of harassment.

Once someone feels like he or she has been threatened, it is usually possible to file a restraining order through the court system. This prohibits the accused person from having any contact with the victim. If the order is granted and then violated, the suspect can be arrested on a harassment charge. In cases where violence occurs, a person may be able to file for an order of protection, which specifically prohibits any act of violence, and orders the assailant to do specific things to increase the safety of the victim, such as not being in the same area.

Responding to a Harassment Charge

A suspect may be face arrest for a harassment charge.
A suspect may be face arrest for a harassment charge.

Anyone who is being charged with harassment should contact a lawyer and get to know the laws in his or her area to understand what types of behavior have led to the charge and avoid them while the case is pending. For instance, in some areas of the US, a person can be charged with harassment even if he or she has never made threats to a person's face, but has done so through a third party or repeatedly talked in a threatening way about someone to mutual friends. Someone who doesn't know that might keep doing behavior that is legally considered harassment without knowing it. He or she should follow any court directives strictly, and be sure not to contact the person making the charges without first consulting a lawyer.

FAQ on Harassment Charge

What constitutes a harassment charge?

Harassment charges are typically filed against people caught stalking.
Harassment charges are typically filed against people caught stalking.

A harassment charge typically involves a pattern of behavior that is intended to cause distress or fear in another person. This can include actions such as stalking, threatening, bullying, and repeatedly contacting someone against their wishes. The specific legal definition of harassment can vary by jurisdiction, but it generally requires a deliberate intent to harass or intimidate.

Can verbal abuse lead to a harassment charge?

Harassment charges may be filed against someone who won't leave their ex alone.
Harassment charges may be filed against someone who won't leave their ex alone.

Yes, verbal abuse can lead to a harassment charge if it is part of a pattern of behavior that causes distress or fear in the victim. Persistent insulting, demeaning, or threatening language that is intended to harass can be grounds for legal action. Each case is context-specific, and the severity and frequency of the verbal abuse are important factors in determining whether it constitutes harassment.

What are the potential consequences of a harassment charge?

A stalker will typically face criminal charges.
A stalker will typically face criminal charges.

The consequences of a harassment charge can range from fines and restraining orders to probation and even imprisonment, depending on the severity of the offense and the laws of the jurisdiction. According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, harassment can also lead to civil penalties and damages for emotional distress in employment cases.

How can someone defend against a harassment charge?

Purposely leaving garbage on a neighbor's property is considered a form of neighbor harassment.
Purposely leaving garbage on a neighbor's property is considered a form of neighbor harassment.

Defending against a harassment charge often involves disproving the elements of the offense, such as showing that the behavior was not intended to cause distress or that it did not actually cause distress. Legal defenses may also include demonstrating that the alleged actions were misconstrued or that they fall under protected free speech. It's crucial to consult with a legal professional to navigate the complexities of such a defense.

Is there a difference between criminal harassment and civil harassment?

Yes, there is a difference between criminal and civil harassment. Criminal harassment involves actions that violate criminal laws and are prosecuted by the state, potentially leading to jail time or criminal fines. Civil harassment, on the other hand, typically involves filing a lawsuit by the victim seeking compensation or a restraining order to prevent further harassment. The burden of proof is generally lower in civil cases than in criminal cases.

Discussion Comments


I recently fell in love with someone other than my spouse. When I tried to get separated from my spouse, my parents and entire family started threatening me with harassing voicemails, text messages and even went as far as approaching my new love interest, vandalizing his car and having us followed on a daily basis. My family has also disowned me and threatened to have my children taken from me. I moved out of the home which my spouse and I jointly own and into an apartment at the demands and request of my family members. They continue to harass me on a daily basis including the fact that they tried to get me fired from my job. I'm at the end of my rope and don't know how to proceed.


I have a co-worker who constantly makes up lies about me and I have been in my shift supervisor’s office too many times for false allegations. Now my apartment is bugged, and she somehow got my medical records and tampered with them. Then she told many other lies about me. She even turns and twists it around after she does it, that I am the liar. She is very sleazy!

My family knows me better than she does, or anyone that I work with so the joke is on her, when she comes into work laughing about it and bragging about it! We were never friends outside of work. I don’t know how she found out where I live. She broke me and my ex boyfriend up two years ago. She’s made it so I can’t go on dates or have a relationship. I think she is mentally disabled and shows all the signs of a stalker. She’s really weird and I’m at my wits’ end. I am hoping someone will come forward and I can find a roommate and they can keep her away from me! She is the sleaziest of sleazy!


I dropped off a friend at a convenience store where the clerk had been bad mouthing me. I walked inside and asked what her problem with me was and she hit me. I never touched her or threatened her, but the police officer said that I could be charged with harassment. Does anyone know if that's true?


@anon948223: Check with your state's Attorney General's office. Theft of medical records is a *felony* in some states!

If nothing else, you should be able to swear out a warrant for her for breaking and entering in your car. The records were in your car and now she has them, so she obviously got into your car.

Tell her that having her mugshot in the paper for breaking and entering and theft of medical records will be a heck of a lot more embarrassing than her posting your medical records on Facebook.


My ex husband's girlfriend stole my medical records out of my car while we were still married. He was cheating on me with her and I had tried to commit suicide.

She has these records and is threatening to post them on Facebook and has even gone as far as posting my case number. I have the text messages where she has threatened me with this and the post with the case number, as well. What should I do?


I live at St. Monica’s in Cambridge. We are not allowed to smoke illegal stuff or cigarettes in the building. There are two girls who live on the second floor of this building and I live on the third. They keep telling the landlord I am smoking in my house. I am not smoking in my house, but their lies led to me getting an eviction letter.

These girls have been trying to get me kicked out since I moved here last September. We have caught the staff standing at our doors listening to our conversations. I asked the landlord if she has proof I am smoking in my house. She didn’t say anything, which means they don’t have any.

Also on the eviction letter, they state I haven’t been going to the weekly groups which are mandatory. I have doctor’s notes and medical bills stating my kid is very sick and unfit to be near other people. Can they actually evict me? Should I be calling the police for harassment?


My ex boyfriend borrowed some money from me, but now he doesn't want to return it. When I tried to tell his relatives about it, he got very angry and he put my photos on facebook through making a fake ID and writing sexual comments on my photos and he sent so many people sexual messages about me. What should do and where should I go?


Someone has been harassing me for two years. I really don't know what to do. I contacted the police but they just took a report and told me that if I ever know who this person is we could take him/her to court. This person somehow knows everything I do, who I talk to, who I see. He/she even knows when I am home or not and what car I am driving.

It is crazy. I don't know what to do. I have been unfaithful and I confessed to my partner, but this person believes that my partner doesn't know what’s going on. I am thinking about hiring a private investigator, but I don't know. Please advise.


My husband’s crazy ex-wife. I have been married to my husband for two years, I have dated him about five or six years prior. We just celebrated our second anniversary in October.

I do not know how much progress I can make with this. My husband has two girls by his ex-wife. About two months ago, my husband was cleaning one of his guns on our patio while grilling out (my husband enjoys target practicing and hunting.) My husband and I were waiting on the girls to come home from a dental appointment. The girls were living with us at that time. We had temporary legal custody. But whatever the judge signed at the time proved not to be valid enough to keep the ex-wife from taking the children from us.

I was not outside to see all that went on to know for sure. But his ex-wife accused my husband of pointing his gun at them as a threat. The guy she was with said the same thing and the ex-wife got our oldest stepdaughter by her (who is now 11 years old) to say the same thing.

I know my husband would not do that. The ex-wife got crazy, called the cops and had my husband arrested for that night. This was two days before our anniversary (Think about it). The man who was with her at the time wanted to lie, but eventually dropped the charges. The ex-wife has not dropped any charges yet. There has been an ongoing court battle over the children, the charges and custody. I do not go to the courthouse with my husband because he wants to leave me out of it and I am not much of a good witness, for as I said, I did not see what all went on. All I know is the girls are not here now; they are with her.

There is a lot of manipulation, mind games, intimidation and threatening going on. This woman has stalked us, but she did it in such a way where we could not file charges. She dated a man who lived about two houses behind us at our other address and she used to park with her headlights pointing at our patio slide doors (This was about three or maybe four years ago). The ex-wife uses this new case against my husband. She keeps finding reasons to come to my home and I do not want her here because of her craziness and drama.

She gets our oldest to lie, to conspire, and to relay messages and conversations back to her. The oldest daughter does not even hear the whole story, but gives bits and pieces and makes it what she thinks and the ex-wife flips. I get accused of disrespect, meddling, tampering and jealousy. I have no reason to be jealous of someone that evil.

I cannot make her stop. She uses her last name as leverage because her uncle is the county Sheriff. She acts like there is nothing we can do and she can keep doing this to us. She does not have a good criminal record at all. I, however, do not have a criminal record. I am a ghost. I like staying out of trouble. I do not have time to be bothered by this ex-wife. There are better things in life to than to deal with her.

Her problem with me is she thinks that I stole her husband from her. I started dating my husband two months after they were separated. I was warned about her, but did not listen. I wish I had known better. Whatever happened between my husband and her was their own doings and he left her because she cheated on him and she was abusive. This woman is no bigger than four feet tall, but she sure is a mean one. Like a rooster. Do not go into the pen because you will get spurred. That is what I compare this woman to.

Plus, I used to be an exotic dancer. I know people frown on that but I respected myself and I paid my bills and took care of myself with that job. This was when I was younger, of course. Dancing has nothing to do with the problem at hand. Dancing does not define my character. These are the only faults this woman finds concerning me. Other than that it is lies, accusations and drama.

I want to get a restraining order against her, but do not know how to go about it and how much support I have concerning this matter. My husband would help but I guess he is scared that he may get in trouble or make the situation worse. I feel like no on listens and I feel alone.

I am threatened by this woman. I pray for answers every day, for strength, and guidance. I am fixing to graduate and receive my BSHA. I am afraid this woman will go into my job and jeopardize it with her drama. I will be in health care. How can you stop that in a place like that? I am waiting before I find a job; to be sure this does not happen. How much can an employer support someone in matters like this? I do not want this drama keep me from taking care of myself and living. My goal in life is to help people, I want to help fight cancer or be a part of an organization that fights cancer. I cannot expect to be much good use with a crazy ex-wife tampering with my reputation and job.

I am intimidated by the courts because I get nervous and I do not want to be in a position to where I do not know how to answer questions and make the judge mad at me. I feel that even though I do not have a habit with going to court for anything, I still feel threatened by this situation. I am afraid I will be labeled and accused of having a bad character. But if someone looked at my record and did any tests on me, the evaluations will come out straight, for I do not do anything. If there is anything on my record, it would be over a few minor traffic violations, and those ended up getting thrown out and I received my prayer for judgments. My driving record should be straight. This should say a lot about my character and what I do. So how can someone so evil such as this ex-wife manipulate everything the way she does? What right does she have to do what she does and feel that she is above the law? Yes she breaks laws; it is just that most of them she does it in such a way where she is balancing on the line between just and unjust, lawful and unlawful.

My husband says that it is because she is female and the law is more sensitive to a female, regardless of their actions. At least this is what we think or believe. So what is fair about that? If you break the law and harass, than regardless if you are a female or a male. There should be charges filed and convictions.

So the question is, how do I stop her from doing this? How do I make it stop? I am tired of this. I have dealt with this woman for almost seven years. I am tired.


@anon356673: This is not harassment -- it's blackmail, and it's illegal. I doubt you can get the photos removed. What you *can* do, however, is tell this jerk (and make sure you're doing this), that you have saved all the emails where he has threatened you with these photos, and you're going to turn them in to the police and have his butt arrested and charged with criminal coercion if he doesn't stop.

Tell him he can post the pictures all he wants to, but if he does, then you're slapping him with a civil lawsuit. Also, if you're 19, and you were dating for three years, he was over 21 when you started dating and you were 16. That's also statutory rape in some states (in every state if you were 15), and the statute of limitations hasn't run out on charging him with it.

Also, fall off the grid for a while. Get a new email address, disable your social media pages and change your cell number, and block his number. Don't engage with him in any way. Good luck.


I am 19 years old and I recently broke up with my on and off boyfriend of three years, who is 25. I finally was able to get out of his controlling ways and now he is threatening to share pictures that he has stored on a backup website. He is using these images to force me to do things and will not stop holding them over my head. Is there any way I can take legal action and have them removed and him punished for trying to control me via the interent and text messages?


I have neighbor children in an apartment building next to me who harass me when the parents are gone by beating on floors, banging on pipes, bouncing ball on walls, all mostly in their adjoining bedroom.

The children, just to mention a few things, have taken tire valve caps off my car, put yarn in my washer, (we share an open basement), busted up my pumpkins on my stoop, put objects in my walkways, put twigs in sides of hood of car, wrote bad stuff on my sidewalk area, and even caused me to use different bed.

I have not said anything to parents for fear of them not believing their children are so destructive and harassing an older person. What is the best way to handle all this, to say the least, annoyance?


My son is divorced and the father of an 8 year old boy. My son moved out of state in order to find work and pay alimony and child support. When he tried to contact his son, his ex-wife would not let him talk to the son. He called repeatedly, even sent the son a cell phone that he could use to talk to his dad, and she took it away from him.

So one day, my son texted and called repeatedly to his ex's phone trying to get to speak to his son (7 years old) and the ex would not let him but instead filed harassment charges on my son. He had not talked to his son for over a year. I don't understand how she could go against a court order and not allow my son to speak to his son and yet she filed harassment charges because he was trying to.


I was recently dating this married man. He lived with me for five months and I started suspecting he was seeing someone else and I caught him with another woman on the floor in a house without lights and water. He broke my arm.

I thought it was his wife because he was telling me and the wife that I said things about her and would come back and tell me she said things about me. He was arrested for simple domestic assault and a week later, he filed charges on me for stalking.

We went to court and the judge said that I was the aggressive one. The guy got off for breaking my arm. I feel like someone got to the judge and I found out that the guy has two past domestic disturbances and a order of protection against him. He is still seeing the woman and moved back in with his wife.

Now I receive restricted calls once a week late at night. I need some advice on the subject.


There is this girl who is dating an ex of mine. She has been harassing me for over a year and a half now. She has been so rude and hurtful to me. I hardly know this girl at all besides some research I’ve had to do because she seems to think she knows everything about me. She's trying to "ruin me".

She keeps texting me, calling me, threatened my life even, facebooking my friends on facebook. She's gone out of her way to hurt me. I'm at a loss of what to do to make her just leave me alone. She's already got a no trespass order, but this town is too small for a business to get up and running while someone is slandering your name all over town. Does anyone have any legal advice for me? I think I have grounds to get her for slander. I'm just not sure if I feel up to having a long drawn out court case.


I have been under a lot of stress due to people in general and a surgeon harassing me. I feel that this is never going to end. I know that he and others will never stop intimidating me annoying me.

I don't know what to do anymore. I feel that my only option is to contact an attorney and see what my options are, as far as for people to leave me alone. Everywhere I go, someone seems to always say things and make facial expressions and bad things always happen.

I have told the police about what people have been doing and I feel sometimes that it is pointless to even say anything to the police. I feel cornered and really stressed out every day. This surgeon is angry because I have told others what he put me through and other people that he encouraged to have them say things to me.

There is a second person as well who also has something to do with this. I don't understand why I have to go through this hell. These persons know that I have a traumatic brain injury and that I can get very sick with my mental and physical health. These people know that their harassment can lead to many problems such as heart attack, stroke, seizures and maybe death.

I feel that they are asking to be put into real hot water trouble for causing for these things to happen. I think that they want to be liable for me dying. I think that they seem to want to take this risky chance to cause me serious problems.

These people seem to find this issue very funny. If something happens to me, then they will not find this harassment and intimidation funny anymore. I am trying to reach out to may people for help and to make them listen to me, but the people that I am reaching out to keep ignoring that there is a problem that is occurring at this time and has been for a long time. This has been an ongoing problem.

I tried to let my work know what is going on, I have tried to make the police listen, I have tried to make my doctors to understand, I have tried to make an effort to make attorneys to listen to me, but every time I try to reach out, as I said, nobody wants to listen to me. I don't know what else to do. I am concerned that I will end up dying some how because of so much stress. My brain and body eventually will give out. I am a human being not a machine that can take so much harassment and being sabotaged from me moving forward in life.

I am trying to reach out to people, but they look the other way and act like I am either crazy or making things up, when I am not. I am not out to hurt anyone by telling on them, but these people are causing me severe stress and it is affecting my physical health and mental health, but mostly mentally. That is the bottom line of what is happening to me.

All I am asking is to be left alone. I recently posted a dating profile and I feel that someone is trying to make my life miserable by not letting me move on. It seems to me that this person is not letting me find someone decent. I seem to get IMs from men who are older than I am and men that are out of shape, men that are not attractive looking. I seem to be getting men that are are dumpy looking and I don't understand why I cannot have someone who is clean cut, cute and intelligent. I feel whoever again finds it funny that men like that want to talk to me and not men that are what I am looking for in a man. That is cyber harassment.

I cannot believe that this person is even invading my private life as well. I keep warning others if something happens to where I end up in a hospital, that will be a serious issue on their behalf. I can promise that.

I can at least say that I tried to make these people stop and I tried to make them see what others were doing to me. I guess if something happens to me, that I can leave this world knowing that I tried stopping these persons from harassing me constantly.


I am having anxiety attacks, abdominal pain, diarrhea and nausea.

He has pressured me into accepting him on a personal level and he kept pushing me. He is also spreading lies about me to others and people that I would like to get to know.

He is delusional and pressures me into accepting him on a personal level if he just keeps pushing me. That basically says it all that I have been through.


What if you quit a job after a guy mentioned a romantic relationship and got nervous? Obviously, you are not really comfortable in those situations and after an awkward chat, decide to send him a few messages that make you unlikeable. He doesn't give you reassurance that you stopped liking him so you start sending messages and request restraining orders from the corporate counsel.

Next thing you know you are deliberately harassing the guy to make him dislike you and to get a restraining order. What will the court do then?


What if you you are being charged with telephone harassment and there is a no contact order in play and then later the victims wants it dropped but it's the sate pressing charges?


If there is someone making something known about an incident to the public and they are posting it on the internet and the person that was involved is not liking it, can they get in trouble even if they are just stating what happened?


To the woman dating the married man: Anyone can look up public information about you. It's not harassment. If the man's wife finds out your dirty laundry and tells her husband, that is allowed. Until the divorce is final, he is still married.


I have been married to my husband for seven years and my parents and brother have always been stopping at my house uninvited, asking why we don't come over and threatening to mess up my husband's face. They are spreading lies about us and saying he needs to watch his back.

I am tired of having to deal with this drama and threats. The police say unless they do physical harm, then all I can do is wait and then call the cops. Any advice?


Can a family press charges against an ex spouse who is constantly harassing their daughter about seeking custody of the children? She is worried sick, literally. She has anxiety attacks, abdominal pain, diarrhea and nausea.

After being absent from work quite a bit, she took a medical leave to try and get a handle on her health. When she called to go back to work, she was told she didn't need to come back. We feel that if the ex would stop the harassment her health and peace of mind would improve. How do we get him to stop this treatment of her? He is also talking to the children about living with, him which should be an adult decision. Help! Any suggestions?


About 1 1/2 or two years ago, I had problems with neighbors playing loud music all night long. We had to call the cops on them four times, and still they would do it until a family member had talk with the guy who was doing it and got it to stop.

The guy's mom lives down the street and he's always walking to his mom's ex's house, who is right next door, causing the dogs to bark (he has small dog that follows him), and about a week ago I caught him threatening my dog for barking (I had just let him out to feed him and the yard is fenced in).

The topping to this little treat is just three hours ago, he sneaked into our yard, urinated on my house and ran into my parents (causing their dog to bark and making the guy run off). My dad came out in time to see him stumbling off, drunk as can be. Luckily, the town cop came by two minutes after and we told him about it. The cop waited and sure enough, the guy came back down the road and got arrested.

Now this guy's known for drinking and drug use and might be a little handicapped mentally, plus the last time he got in trouble, he threatened my farther.

So because of all this I have to ask if there's a way to have them evicted from land or if a restraining order will work (I live in Oklahoma)?


I'm being harassed by someone who is mentally disabled. She's posting lies about me on facebook, constantly texting me, telling me to kill my self and threatening to kill me.


I was threatened and spied on by my boss through surveillance cameras in public. I still don't know why he did it, since I am a good worker. I have a hunch that he hired a private detective to stalk me.

I am now completely paranoid about being around surveillance cameras, surfing the web outside of work, or using my cell phone outside of work since I was illegally spied on by my boss.


This is my problem. I'm the second manager in a supermarket, and when my boss is not there, I have to run the store and make sure everything is O.K. Or, I have a customer who only goes there to look for trouble. I am the third person she had a problem with.

One day, she just looked at me and told me she is going to mess me up when she sees me in the street. The second time, she almost put her finger on my face because she was arguing with me and I told my boss about it and he doesn't want to do anything because she is a customer (but not a customer all the time).

My question is if I can take my boss to court if something happens to me, because he is not providing a safe environment for me. Can I charge her for harassment against me? She is still going to the supermarket and my boss won't do anything. Someone help me, please.


Someone from an internet discussion board apparently used a private detective to find out my private information and filed a false complaint against me with my employer. The investigation proved I did nothing wrong, but I want this person arrested for invading my privacy. How do I do that?


I need to get advise on how to handle a situation that was brought to me by my mom. An ex girlfriend of my nephew slandered our family's name for her own cause in court, over a break up. My nephew wants to see his son, and get visitation rights. She works as a child advocate in the Montgomery county system and I feel that she is using her powers to slander my mom's family name. My mom is very upset over this. What can I do?

She should look at her own mother's relationship with a convict (a lawyer killing a hunter and left the scene)! Help. What can I do? People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw rocks!


I had lost my phone the other day and my boss had tried calling me into work. I still didn't find my phone so he sent another message wanting me to work the next day (also my day off) saying, "I need you here tomorrow from noon to 4, so don't pull and crap. I have given you enough notice, so see ya then, since you only answer to Adam (my supervisor) and not your boss, and if you don't want to work, I have five write ups on you. Just trying to give you hours!"

Well, I finally found my phone and saw all this and told him I had lost it and to chill out because I told my supervisor I had no phone.

Well, he said, "Just like I said, Adam is not your boss. I am." So I would like to know what I should do? I want to tell him I'm not scheduled and not on call as I have stuff to do since it was my day off but then he will threaten me with my write ups. Is this legal for him to do?


I was to marry my fiance in December. He recently "sweet-talked" me into buying him an 800 dollar camper and giving him an 11,000 dollar vehicle I had paid for. I sold my land to buy us a house, unfortunately while I had all this money he was manipulating me into giving him these items. I bought the house for us and it fortunately is in my name only, as it would have been until we married.

He left me, took the vehicle, kept the camper on his land that he could not sell to help get us a house because his mom was living on it currently (but of course, he told me he would sell it when she died to help pay for our house).

I was beaten, had property damage, harassment from him and his grown children, and he kicked my chihuahua several times. My dog used to let my dad pet him but now he will let no male pet him without shivering and peeing on himself because he is so scared from the trauma to him and me.

I believe this man "played" me because my husband died of cancer years ago and only six years ago my 15 year old daughter died from severe cerebral palsy and pneumonia, so he put all the smooth moves on me as I was lonely and without children and a husband.

I was told I cannot get the vehicle or the camper back as they are considered gifts and we were not married at the time. I do have a warrant out for arrest for the bodily damage and property damage, even though he threatened me if I went to the police, that I would "have more problems than I have already from him and his family".


Long story short: a man is getting a divorce and became involved with another woman. The soon-to-be-ex is snooping into the other woman's past and getting info to share with said man.

Is there anything legal that can be done to stop this ex? This is what I would think be harassment. All info would be helpful.


We live in apartment complex. Since I ended one of my son's long term friendships, a neighbor has been bad-mouthing my son and falsely accusing my son of hurting her son and he wasn't even around at the time of the supposed incident.

This neighbor comes up to my place yelling at me saying all this, and even adding how she phoned the school to share he is a bully to her son, whom I haven't let him be around since ending a long term friendship.


@anon295864: If you're on temporary disability, invoke the Americans with Disabilities Act on your landlord. Get documentation from your doctor that the neighbors' actions are detrimental to your health and welfare. Also see if a disability attorney will work with you on invoking this act. He or she can tell you if you really do have grounds to invoke the ADA. If you do, the landlord will have to do something to make sure you are accommodated.


I live in a apartment complex, and I recently have been diagnosed with epilepsy. The neighbors upstairs are constantly slamming on the floors the kids have been reported to CPS (well the mother has) and multiple reports to the police for breaking into my car and harassing me when I am outside.

The landlord won't kick them out because they still pay their rent. As more and more days go on, my epilepsy has been getting worse because of the constant slamming and worry of even bringing my trash outside because of fear that they will harm me.

I can't get better to go back to work to help out with the bills, to make more than temporary assistance helps me with until they are gone. I feel threatened. I don't feel comfortable in my own home, but I can't afford another apartment.

What can I do to convince my landlord that it is affecting my health and to kick them out?


If our neighbor threatened us by coming inside our house without permission and he said one of you will get hurt right now and accusing that the wife was using only her husband just for the money and screaming and pointing her finger in my face, what case I can file for those couple who did that?


Allow me to say something. I'm going through a situation where my ex wife was actually the abuser. When it came to the end, she went beyond the call of duty in that she has turned my life upside down and had our child taken, etc., so I don't want hear the crap. People who use a child to hurt or seek revenge are a pathetic excuse for life.

Secondly, men and women, there is a thing such as a person wanting answers or closure. but they are being played. Wake up. This is 2012.


@anon293102: It's harassment and it's a criminal act. A police officer once told me, "If you perceive it as a threat, then it's a threat." Meaning, if he threatened to strangle you, it's a threat and it's actionable.

Get an attorney who specializes in employment law and can file the appropriate paperwork. Good luck.


My current boss has threatened me twice this year. The first time he said he was going to hit me and the second time he threatened to strangle to me. Besides he has been screaming really nasty things and making me cry. Can I file a harassment case on him. Would that go against the company since this happened at work? Location is NY State. Please let me know what can I do.


My ex filed false charges against me and then didn't even show up at court. I confronted him in Clermont County about the fact that he didn't have the legal right to be at the high school as I am our daughter's legal guardian (see is now 18 and has Down Syndrome).

He was at probate court so he knows that I am the guardian. I haven't stood up to him for 11 years and now that I have, he has filed for a CPO against me in Hamilton County, claiming I threatened him.

I subpoeaned three witnesses, and then he didn't bother to show up at court. Is this considered harassment by him? He filed false charges in a county that didn't have jurisdiction.

My ex has mental health issues and has been diagnosed with a personality disorder twice. His lawyer has been successful in keeping this diagnosis out of court.


How can any of you say someone is not being abused by their spouse? How dare you make that judgment call? You don't know what happened behind closed doors and many battered and abused spouses hide it from embarrassment. They think that others will think they deserve it and abusers are very good at what they do. This guy probably told you his side of the story and probably used the word "crazy." When a guy says a girl is crazy, it is often a red flag that says he is abusing her. Abusers use words over and over to brainwash their victims, as well as trying to establish to friends and neighbors that the abused person is unstable, because honestly, they want to eventually hurt them or even kill their victim.

There is a ton of information on the internet about the stages of abuse. Also, I know from experience.


I have a neighbor who threatens everyone in the neighbor, kids included, calls the cops on neighbors whose trash is too close to hers or kids playing in the street in front of her house. She once even went in to a neighbor's backyard while the neighbor was at work to have a guy cut the neighbor's tree down because it was too tall and was blocking the sun.

This is a constant thing. Most kids are afraid to play out front because they're afraid they'll police will take them away because that is what she says. She walks the neighborhood with petitions trying to get people in the neighborhood evicted from their houses.

I was just curious if there was anything my neighbors or I could do about this woman in the state of Nevada. I feel bad because her husband and daughters are really nice. She's just known as the "neighbor from hell" though, unfortunately. I hope I worded this correctly.


My father made a verbal agreement with his girlfriend to allow her to stay in our town home for three months to allow her time to find a place of her own. My father did not make me aware of this agreement and Sheila moved in our house during the second week of November in 2011. She has not found another place to live and refuses to leave the house. Also, I believe she is now a legal tenant of our home.

My sister, Samantha informed me that my father contacted a police officer. The police officer told him that she cannot be forced to leave unless she is evicted. I do not feel safe enough to wait for a eviction.

Before her transition into the house, Sheila has displayed irrational behavior in my presence. She has had outbursts of anger and repeatedly has argued in our house with my father. His girlfriend has shown such a temper that seems threatening to the well-being of the inhabitants of this house. Sheila has a license to carry a concealed weapon and owns a handgun. I feel very unsafe living in the same confines as her.

Her temper causes me to fear physical harm even though she hasn't clearly stated threat towards me.

Can I request a restraining order that will not allow her to live in the same dwelling as me and if at all possible, have a police officer escort her out of our home?


@Cupcake15 - I agree with what you are saying, but I also know that some people file false harassment charges especially when they are going through a bitter divorce. A neighbor of mine is going through a terrible divorce and his wife filed a harassment suit against him because she claims that he threw some keys at her and hit her in the face.

She also claimed that he was abusive all through their marriage, but she never pressed charges before. The charges were dismissed by the judge, but this is really frivolous and it also damages their young children. I think that people that file false harassment charges like this should face a criminal charges and a substantial fine because they are taking away from real cases when they resort to this petty behavior.


@Cupcake15 - I think that sometimes people are afraid of filing harassment charges because they are afraid of the repercussions. They don’t want to anger the perpetrator and try to avoid rocking the boat.

I think that the first time someone harasses you should be a huge red flag that they will likely do it again. It is better to get out at that point then to continue on with the relationship because you dismissed the harassment and try to sweep it under the rug.


@Sunshine31 - I know what you are saying and I agree that you should go to the human resources department and keep detailed records about what is happening, but for some people it might be easier to get another job.

I think that if you can avoid people like this you would be better off. I remember when I was managing a department store; I had an employee that was being stalked by her ex boyfriend. She had a restraining order in place, and I don’t know why she did not purse filing harassment charges. Well, a few days before she was to go to college, she was murdered by her ex boyfriend in her home.

It was so sad. Maybe if she had filed aggravated harassment charges when this was going on she would be alive today. I know that sometimes people in these situations have mixed feelings about filing harassment charges, but you really have to protect yourself because domestic violence only gets worse.


I do think that if someone is harassing you that you have to protect yourself because these cases usually escalate. At my husband’s company the former CEO was sexually harassing two women in the company. One was fired and the other remained with the company. Both women filed lawsuits against the company when they felt that the company was not protecting them from this person.

They settled the case out of court and the CEO was fired. So don’t think that because of a person’s stature that you will not be able to make a difference. You can, but you have to keep very detailed records and realize that you may lose your job before it is over because filing harassment charges is never easy.

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    • Teacher harassment towards a student may result in criminal charges.
      By: Jasmin Merdan
      Teacher harassment towards a student may result in criminal charges.
    • Unwanted, repeated phone calls can be considered a case for harassment charge.
      By: chuugo
      Unwanted, repeated phone calls can be considered a case for harassment charge.
    • It is important that a lawyer be contacted during a harassment charge.
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      It is important that a lawyer be contacted during a harassment charge.
    • A harassment charge may be civil or criminal, depending on the violation.
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      A harassment charge may be civil or criminal, depending on the violation.
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      Repeatedly causing damage to a neighbor's property is considered a form of neighbor harassment.
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